M Ashfaque Hussain

M Ashfaque Hussain , B Tech, Executive Management and 25 years plus experience in mentoring

M Ashfaque Hussain has wonderful mentoring experience in almost all gamut of skills.

He is wonderful talent , very highly skilled in almost all areas of subjects.

Students rate him very high in subject matter expert.

Very expert in Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics, SST, Geography, Computer, Networks, Security, IT.

High degree of command in English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic , French and A good Teacher in languages.

Expert in ERP – Oracle, SAP, Active Directory, Windows Servers, Unix Linux, Solaris, HP Unix, Cisco, Juniper, Almost all security products.

Lead Auditor in ISO 27000, ISO 23000, ISO 25000, ISO 14000, ISO all series of certification.

Defense Technology, Communication and Radar Engineering, Fly by Wire, Avionics, Navigation.

Certified more than 150 MCP, MCSE, and 50 plus CCNAs and various databases, web development, SEO, SMO, expert in Digital Marketing.

He is very humble and positive minded entrepreneur, mentor and teacher.